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  1. Here in few words is an overview of what I've learned regarding the church in the home. Men are not evil. It is temples made with hands that are evil. God does not dwell in temples made with hands, so when men submit themselves to them, God is not there. God energises in home church leaders to move the word in their area. The church in the home is where God energises in this administration. God works with home church leaders. Home church leaders walk by the spirit, Christ is their head, and the word moves, life comes alive, everything is fresh and real, and life works. To stop this, the enemy constructs religious organisations to take control away from the home church leaders. When that happens, God steps out because he does not dwell in temples made with hands and will have nothing to do with them. That is how you cut off the fountain of living waters. When home church leaders submit to any ministry or organisation constructed by men, whether it is The Way International or the Roman Catholic Church or any other religious structure, they forsake the fountain of living waters, they walk away from God and put their trust in men, which is walking by the senses. When home church leaders do their own thing and run home churches that are self governing, self supporting and self propagating, with no interference from without, and walk with Christ as their head, the word moves and life is amazing. When home church leaders submit to structures of leadership in man made temples, God steps out because he will not work in that framework. God absolutely will NOT give revelation to leadership in temples made with hands to pass on to home church leaders. When religious organisations take control away from the home church leaders, that's the point where God steps out and you have yet another broken cistern where men put their trust in themselves and walk by the flesh by making decisions in counsels of men thinking there is safety in a multitude of counselors. There is nothing safe about walking by the senses, no matter how many people are involved. We must learn to energise the Christ in us and walk by the spirit. Now, whether anyone likes this or not, if Chris Geer or Craig Martindale or Rosalie started a home church right at this moment, God would work in them to will and to do of his good pleasure to get the word moving. If the pope got born again and started running a home church, God would be there for him. He was there for Paul, wasn't he? God is faithful, and he always does his job. It is not men that are evil, it is the ridiculous broken cisterns men construct and submit themselves to that are evil. That's why our lives cave in when we submit to them. If anyone starts a home church of their own that is self governing, self supporting and self propagating, they will find that the word does indeed work and that God is there and that the more abundant life really is available. No one needs a ministry to start a home church, you just need a room somewhere. We need some home churches fired up. Anyone up for it? Get the dust off your bibles, put new strings on your guitars, and let's go.
  2. Made this video a few years back. I've tried to remake it a couple of times, but I can't improve on this version.
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